3D Printers at The International Consumer Electronics Show

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It’s where business gets done: on the show floor, in and around the conference program, in impromptu connections and in planned meetings and special events.

Huge 3D Printing with 3D Platform at CES

This year at CES we are showing big! Customers who started in the desktop space are trying to print bigger, and that is what 3DP unlimited is all about. Our machines have a print area that is 1 meter x 1 meter x .5 meter. This is helping to make things that were not possible in the small print arena of desktop, now doable, and with affordability. We are finding that people out of the graphics industry, whether they’re involved in architecture, furniture, or wearables are really embracing this technology. There are some exciting developments that have happened with dual extruder technology, plus new wonderful materials like bronze fill, wood fill, graphite fill, more flexible materials. It is opening all kinds of possibilities. The type of applications where people want this super-sized printer is foremost in prototyping. This could include gas engines and other automotive parts, as well as more graphic aesthetics like full costume designs. The furniture industry is experiencing some of this excitement as well. Additive manufacturing is popular, but there is also a lot of subtractive manufacturing that complements large machines. Keep an eye open for printing solutions that people are asking for that do not exist today. Those problems/solutions fall into a couple areas:
  • More capable water-soluble materials that make supports easier.
  • More speed/Higher throughput (Currently, large format printers have prints that can take as long as 400 hours). People would love to cut that time in half, and then in a quarter.
In terms of how the consumer space is changing, I think the buyers are becoming more sophisticated. They are learning what is important in terms of operating costs for machines, their flexibility, and as a result their value over their life. In other words, we have a more sophisticated clientele.

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