3D Printer Enclosure for Additive Manufacturing Machines

3D Platform’s new WorkSeries Machine Enclosures provide stability and prevent warping and shrinkage.

3D Platform (3DP) is heating up with a new set of WorkSeries machine enclosures. With a backwards compatible design, these enclosures can be purchased as a pre-installed add-on or separately.

The new environmental chamber fits around the Workbench, and serves important functions that make for more reliable prints.

To start, this chamber holds a consistent printing environment up to 40 C. If higher temperatures are needed, an additional forced air heater can bring the temperature up to 80 degrees C.

If an operator is printing with ABS or another material that out-gasses or has a bad smell, then a filter can be added onto the enclosure that will scrub those particulates from the air, providing a healthier environment.

In addition, the chamber prevents people from accidentally touching any part of the print while in action, and therefor provides a stable print environment. It also helps keep the glass bed clean, especially for customers that use this in a factory setting or an area that is not the cleanest.

This chamber is available for all four current WorkSeries models, and is also compatible with previous 3DP machines. It can be purchased with the printer or added afterwards.

Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in the new WorkSeries Enclosures:

WorkSeries enclosures

The design of the enclosures provides a controlled and stable environment which in turn reduces the chance of warping and shrinkage of the prints.

Reason #1: Filament Warming Box – Fits two 5lb (2.2kg) spools of filament; prewarms material for optimal printing; protects from moisture accumulation.

Reason #2: Backwards Compatibility – Retrofits back to the first 3DP1000 generation.

Reason #3: Temperature Control – Without the optional forces-air heater, chamber temperature can reach up to 45°C (113°F).

Reason #4: Extras – Optional air filter to accommodate SDS recommendations; optional heater to accommodate various materials, such as PLA and ABS.

With a controlled and protected environment, the 3DP enclosures allow for an even higher print quality and success rate than ever before.

To learn more, download the full press release here.

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