3D Platform’s Large Format 3D Printer Electronics and Design

3D Platform Representative Mark Huebner and Development Engineer Joe Binka, discuss the electronics inside 3DP 3D printers.

Joe explains that they relied on co-designer Dwayne Williams for his knowledge on open-source hardware, software and firmware. This collaboration really allowed them to get this product to market faster while keeping costs down considerably. 3DP’s 3D printer is fitted with a hard two-wheel mega board. It also uses a RAMPS board to step-in direction out to our motors. The stepper motor controller on the RAMPS board is bypassed. Therefore, we are actually running an amplifier right on the motors which allows a big machine to take advantage our low-cost electronics. But we can still get good performance out of the machine by doing that. Mark asks Joe what the advantages are of having the amplifiers out there? The printer’s wiring was simplified. The first prototypes used an amplifier that was built right underneath the machine. Originally the wire ran from the board to the amplifier, and then back out to the motor.  Now we have just one cable, which keeps things cheaper and much cleaner looking. It is a very simple design.

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