3D Printed Wheelchair made by student for Lilly the Two-Legged Goat

It is becoming increasingly known that 3D printing is a great technology for helping people rebuild their lives through customized prosthetics, orthotics, and devices. In fact, not only humans but animals who have lost limbs are benefitting from the rapid development of 3D printing technology. A group of students at the Virginia William Byrd High School is 3D printing a wheelchair for Lilly, a two-legged goat using the large-format 3D printing technology enabled by 3D Platform.
Lilly was born with a very tragic deformity and has no right front or back leg, which means she cannot move without assistance. “Having both legs on one side is a great challenge for Lilly. She has to be able to balance her weight to avoid tipping over,” said Angels of Assisi Adoption Director Matthew Brown, who has taken care of Lilly for the past few month.
3DP-Goat Lilly
Having heard the heartrending story of Lilly the two-legged goat, a group of students at William Byrd High School took the challenge to design and 3D print a unique wheelchair for Lilly. First, an electronic mold of a wheelchair prototype was created. The students then 3D scanned Lilly from head to toe, from every angle, with a portable 3D scanner. The scan was then imported into a 3D design program, which generated life-sized 3D measurements of Lilly. Using these measurements, the wheelchair will be designed and customized to fit Lilly. Using the large format 3D printer, the 3DP1000 in William Byrd High School’s 3D printing lab, the students will 3D print a wheelchair for Lilly and make future design iterations.
“You have to match the mechanics on both sides of the legs,” said high school junior Christian Robertson. “Now, Lilly is losing muscle mass in the legs because she is not able to move without someone carrying her. With a 3D printed wheelchair, Lilly will be able to use the other legs. The wheelchair will also act as a physical therapy tool every time she moves.” Thanks to these talented high school students, and the large format 3D printing technology provided by the 3D Platform, Lilly will soon be walking with a wheelchair, and will have the ability to move just like any other goat.
3DP-Goat Lilly-2

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