Thingergy and 3D Platform create 3D Printed Giant Robot for Fox Sports!

Fox Sports 3D Printed Robot

Thingergy brings the iconic FOX Sports robot and mascot of the NFL to life!

Thingergy, a company located in West Hollywood, California, specializes in making “things” for many different facets of the entertainment industry. Recently, they were contacted by FOX Sports Network to build a 14-foot tall replica of the FOX robot used during NFL games, also nicknamed “Cleatus”. Our large format 3D printer was one of seven different printers that was utilized to complete this project—all within a 10-week span!


Meet Cleatus, the FOX Sports Robot

Cleatus can be seen in the FOX Sports lobby holding a 75-inch television that displays scores and information. He is held together on an aluminum frame that is stabilized by about 2,000 pounds of metal at its base. Each of the 142 pieces were 3D-printed and then assembled, body shopped, test fit, and painted. Our large format 3D printer was used on many of the larger pieces, as seen in this graphic.


Big prints for a big mascot

Thingergy utilizes our WorkSeries 200 printer for many of its larger prints. The 3D printer boasts a build volume of 1 meter x 1 meter x 0.5 meter. In the past, operators at Thingergy have taken advantage of this larger build area to print bigger scale parts like a 10-foot tall basketball statue of rapper YG or the oversized Red Bull’s Day in the Dirt Motocross trophy. With the creation of Cleatus, our printer has been integral to production by reducing the overall number of parts, digital models, and needless assembly hours.


Big Results

According to Thingergy, the biggest advantage to printing on the 3DP large format printer is faster model preparation, which is a result of a lower overall number of pieces. While larger prints might increase the print time of an individual part, they will actually print more efficiently than multiple small parts, reducing the overall print time as well as the labor involved in post-processing and body shopping.

Thingergy’s scope of projects varies tremendously, which means new products are constantly being designed and produced. The 3DP WorkSeries 200 printer has been integral to their projects with its ability to print many of the larger parts quickly and reliably. Are you ready for some football now?!




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