3D Print Post Processing Saves You Thousands with Class A Finish

Get the best surface finish in the fastest and most cost-effective manner. You can save BIG by printing with larger filament and extruder sizes, and post processing with a great finishing process. Hear 3D Platform’s tips for manufacturing the best surface finish with FFF large-format printing.

3D Platform president, Jonathan Schroeder, explains how to manufacture the best surface finish in the most cost-effective and fastest way. He states that there are multiple different options for post processing.

“If your starting with FFX technology and using relatively fine nozzle, you can simply use automotive grade high fill primer. When you step up your game and get to pellet-fed extruders or our new 6 mm diameter filament extruder, now you need a thicker and more industrial gel coating.”

After experimenting with intentionally-poor print samples that resulted in deep grooves and ridges, 3DP technicians were still able to fill gaps and achieve Class-A finished parts. Now, since most printed samples will need to include some type of surface finishing anyway, you might want to ask yourself:

“If you have to produce a part that has the best surface finish in the fastest time possible, do you want to spend 111 hours or 11 hours to 3D print the final part?”

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