3D Printing of the Colorado State Building

Dual extruder 3D printing can save time and money. Utilizing the HFA extruder for fine exterior printing and the HFE 300 for quick infill, we saw a savings of 15 hours and a 6 lb of filament.

Material: PLA

Amount: 9.98kg/22lbs

Size: X: 698mm Y: 841mm Z: 546mm

Printer Type: WorkSeries 400

HFA Extruder: Wall Extrusion

HFE 300 Extruder*: Infill Extrusion

Nozzle: 0.6mm (HFA), 1.0mm (HFE 300)

Layer Height: 0.3mm

Print Speed: 125mm/s

Print Time: 100 hours


*Printing the infill with the HFE 300 extruder with a 1.0 mm nozzel instead of the HFA extruder with the 0.6 mm nozzle saved 15 hours of print time and 6 lb of filament.

(The 1.0 mm nozzle only required an infill of 7% density instead of a minimum of 12% the HFA would have required)

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