3D Print Action Covered by Design World at MD&M

Design World Magazine stopped by the PBC Linear booth at the recent MD&M / ATX-East Expo in New York City to see the 3DP1000 large format 3D printer from 3D Platform in action.? In this fast paced video, you can do the same, along with seeing real print samples and hearing about the wide range of applications where people are discovering new and unique uses for 3D printing every day.? The huge 1m x 1m x 0.5m build area of the 3DP1000 not only created a lot of attention at the show, but opened up new possibilities for users in? the areas of product development, architecture, plant floor and layout design, along with graphics and artistic design. Large format 3D printers from 3D Platoform utilize industrial strength linear motion and actuators provided by PBC Linear.? With the patent pending Constant Force lead screws, and integration with Applied Motion Products stepper motors, the SIMO Series actuators from PBC Linear make the mechatronics in the 3DP1o00 the best in class for industrial strength 3D printing. You can also see this video at http://videos.designworldonline.com/video/PBC-Linear-3DP-Unlimited-MD-M-E?? …?? or learn more at www.designworldonline.com