3D Platform to Collaborate with Ultimaker on Implementation of Corporate Wide 3D Printing

The combination of large-format printers with professional grade desktop printers provide designers, engineers, support technicians, and development teams the ability to cover a wide range of printing needs.  

Roscoe, Illinois, USA – April 17, 2017 – To make the implementation of corporate wide 3D printing an easier process, 3D Platform (3DP), www.3dplatform.com, is pleased to announce that the Ultimaker® professional grade desktop printers are now available in North America from 3D Platform channels.

The Ultimaker commitment to provide accurate, consistent results that meet specific business needs for highly complex 3D prints, with both general purpose and industrial-grade materials with maximum performance, fits well with the 3DP history of excellence in large format printing.

Together, the 3DP WorkSeries™ and the Ultimaker professional lineup of desktop 3D printers, provide engineers, designers, support technicians, and development teams the ability to cover a wide range of printing needs. These include small detailed prints for display or prototyping up to large strong parts for extended usage.

With machines that are fully networkable, print farms for enterprise wide implementation of 3D printing advantages and cost savings can be put to work in applications such as product development, mold making, industrial metal casting, assembly and production support, medical and personalized items, and more.

 The Ultimaker lineup of professional 3D printers is headlined by Ultimaker 3.0 (UM3) and 3.0 Extended. The UM3 has a build area of 215 mm x 215 mm x 200 mm with the UM3 Extended stretching the z-height to 300 mm. These production grade machines feature dual print heads that both have swappable cores that simplifies switching nozzle sizes and from material to another. The UM3 brings together Ultimaker’s experience to build a machine that provides high uptime for industrial environments.

About 3D Platform™

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