3D Platform Brings Industry New Standards Through SurePrint Servo Technology

3D Platform (3DP), a leading manufacturer of large format, industrial class 3D printers, has developed SurePrint Servo Technology, the company’s next-generation motor technology that raises the bar on 3D Printing industry standards.

SurePrint Servo Technology Key Advantages

Speed and Accuracy

An option available on 3DP’s large format additive manufacturing line of machines, SurePrint Servo takes the 3D Printing industry to the next level, with 85% greater torque, and up to 45% faster move times, overall cycle times can be cut almost in half.  With 20,000 count encoders embedded in each motor, 3DP’s smart “closed loop” system provides positional feedback that automatically adjusts for accuracy to increase print quality.
3D Platform SurePrint Technology
SurePrint is equivalent to swapping your car’s 200 HP motor with a 375 HP motor—you immediately gain drive torque.  And when you add smart traction control, you gain greater control and precision,” said John Good, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  “The results for our customers are greater positional accuracy, so that layer lines lessen, print quality increases…and print times can be shortened.”


SurePrint Servo uses 67% less energy while generating 50% less heat.  This provides not only long-term environmental benefits but less heat dissipation and greater control of the environment directly around the machine.
The SurePrint Servo is a win-win-win.  It allows operators to print faster, increase accuracy, and decrease energy usage,” said Good.  “Not only will this be available on new machines, but these advancements are available for any of our existing units in the field.”


SurePrint Servo motors are built on the same framework as the originally designed “open loop” stepper motors.  This allows for backward compatibility, giving current 3DP users the ability to upgrade quickly.  Providing users this natural upgrade path is part 3DP’s core philosophy of embracing the advantages of open platforms.

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