3D Platform Workbench Series

3D Platform™ Develops the Workbench Series™

Complete Industrial-Strength Large-Format Tool Kit, Takes 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing to Next Level
3D Platform (3DP), a leading manufacturer of large format 3D printers, is raising the bar, on additive manufacturing solutions, with the announcement of the Workbench Series™, its newest professional grade platform.
“The Workbench Series™ is more than just another 3D printer, it has been designed through a professional user-experience process—with input from engineers, product developers and top creative talent around the world—incorporating tools they need to take our platform to the next level. The result is a comprehensive toolkit that increases capacity, enables them to expand their capabilities and bring their ideas to life,” said John Good, Vice President of Sales & Marketing with 3DP.
3DP Workbench Series Teaser
The Workbench Series™ comes standard with the large build area of 1m x 1m x 0.5m, and is built on industrial strength mechatronics designed to deliver precision prints down to a 70 micron layer resolution.  Additionally, the Workbench adds versatility with unique production and organizational features including:
  • SurePrint Technologiy™ –  Advanced mechatronics and motors that have 85% greater torque with a 20,000 count encoder allow for faster acceleration and deceleration while decreasing print times by up to 45%, and increasing accuracy and quality.
  • Accessibility – Even with its large build area, the Workbench is designed for maximum flexibility. A unique 2-part configuration will fit through a single width door, down to a minimum of 24 inches (610mm) wide. 
  • Versatility – The ergonomic height and open print bed enable full access to prints for advanced print techniques. These unique processes such as core modeling and adding inserts of metal, electronics, and other materials can take your 3D printing beyond prototyping to fully functional parts.
  • Usability – Additional features such as encoders to sense filament flow, under gantry LED lights enhancing visibility, resume from Z function for paused prints, Android tablet for remote monitoring and control, and auto bed leveling make the Workbench a powerful additive manufacturing platform.
The Workbench Series is scheduled for full release in 2016.  You can learn more about the open platform advantages of 3DP’s offerings at www.3DPlatform.com .

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