3D Platform Chairman Dean Debiase to Chair 3D Printing Conference

3D Platform Chairman Dean DeBiase has been selected as the chairperson and emcee for the Innovations in 3D Printing Conference. DeBiase will foster discussions with industry experts covering the rapidly changing field of 3D printing as it relates to manufacturing. Bringing together the region’s leading automation professionals, key decision makers in corporate and senior management, design engineers and manufacturing engineers representing top automation industries, including automatic identification, bar coding, labeling, product coding/marking equipment and RFID, production machines and equipment, controls equipment, PLC, software and integration. The Innovations in 3D Printing Conference will cover the 3D printing industry and its uses in manufacturing, highlighting key insights into how industries can maximize the efficiency of their current processes by using 3D printing in their design and manufacturing processes. It’s an exciting time for the 3D printing industry, especially with its expanding uses in additive manufacturing, said DeBiase. The Innovations in 3D Printing Conference is an outstanding opportunity for industry trailblazers to collaborate and discuss new ways 3D printing can revolutionize manufacturing processes. About Dean DeBiase A Silicon Valley veteran with a track record of scaling emerging growth companies, turning around organizations and embedding entrepreneurial-grade talent into multi-national corporations to reboot their growth and innovation, Dean DeBiase has led private and public corporations and Fortune 500 subsidiaries in Chief Executive, Chairman and lead director roles. He is the Executive Chairman of AKTA, an Inc. 500-user experience design firms; Reboot Partners, a growth acceleration group for multi-nationals; Startup Partners, helping emerging growth companies disrupt, scale and grow faster; and Boardroom Innovation, enabling the next-generation of digitally savvy corporate directors develop innovative growth initiatives. DeBiase is a board member of 1871, a Senior KIN Fellow and Adjunct Lecturer of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Kellogg School of Management, a Board Leadership Fellow at the National Association of Corporate Directors, co-founder of Innovation Excellence, co-author of best-selling book The Big Moo, and he is developing the popular Dancing with Startups program which partners large corporations with entrepreneurs, incubators and accelerators into a video and book series.

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