16 Times Faster, Stronger & Lower Cost Large Format 3D Prints

3D Platform launched a new line of High Flow Extruders that change the rules of additive manufacturing. Get stronger, high-fidelity large format 3D prints at 16 times faster rates and lower costs.

With 3DP, you have the ability to address Fine, Fast, Finish, all in one very flexible platform.

3D Platform expert John Good unveils their family of new extruders , and addresses one of the biggest “wants” in the industry–to print faster and stronger. His simple breakdown of the 3DP range of extruders compares the 3 important printing characteristics — fine, fast, and finish:

  • The small, fine nozzle (0.25mm/.06 mm layer height) has a wonderful print fidelity, but took over 100 hours to complete.
  • The mid-sized nozzle (1.2mm/.84mm layer height) has less fidelity, or rougher surface, but a much quicker print time at 11 hours and 30 minutes.
  • HFE 900, which is a 900 watt extruder, was able to print the exact same object in 2 ½ hours. Add the potential of utilizing finishing techniques, and users can achieve a fine finish, with an added benefit of speed, strength, and huge operator cost savings!

“The great news with 3DP is that users can address “fine, fast, finish” all in one very flexible platform.”

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